Prop B Will Reduce Voter Turnout In Ballot Issue & School Board Elections

Proposition B moves only some local elections to the State and Federal election cycle.

Proposition B does not move April School Board and Community College Trustee Elections because those are governed by state law. The Missouri General Assembly would have to pass at least two pieces of legislation to accomplish those moves.

Under Proposition B, we would still pay for April elections.

Under Proposition B, without citywide and aldermen elections, turnout for April elections would plummet. Someone with a great deal of money- such as Billionaire Rex Sinquefield, who paid to get this issue on the ballot and does not support public education- could easily run his own slates of candidates to take over our School Board.

Proposition B does not move all municipal ballot issues to the State and Federal Elections. Someone with a great deal of money- such as Sinquefield- could strategically run initiative petitions timed to be placed on the ballot as special elections with very low turnout.

Some argue that moving all local elections- first obtaining changes to School Board and Community College Trustees elections from the State lawmakers, then asking voters to approve one or more charter amendments to move Mayor, Comptroller, Board of Aldermen President, Aldermen, and all local ballot issue votes to State and Federal Elections- would increase turnout and save substantial money. A good idea also would be a sunset provision of twenty years, so that voters would have to reauthorize the new election date system and could get rid of it easily if unsatisfied. But Proposition B does not come even close to an acceptable scenario of election date changes.

Others argue that the cost savings in placing more or all local candidates and ballot issues on the State and Federal Ballot will reduce voter scrutiny on those candidates and issues.

Proposition B seeks a major change in local elections, major change that never received vetting by the Board of Aldermen because it came to the ballot via initiative petition.

Elections are too important to make major changes without a good plan to make it all work in the public’s best interest.

On Tuesday, April 4th, Vote No On Prop B and reject this radical change sought by a billionaire.



Prop B & Rex Defeated!!!


Thank you St. Louis City Voters for voting down Proposition B, Rex Sinquefield’s proposal to reduce voter turnout for School Board and Ballot Issue elections.

52.9% to 47.1%
(failing to meet the 60% needed for a Charter Amendment)